Jeannette Flint

Jeannette was one of the founding members of the B’s chapter, having joined in 1993. Jeannette
was Chairman of Showcase 2005, and President of the Guild in 2010-2011.

As a member of our chapter, whenever there was a job to be done, Jeannette was willing to
accept the challenge. She served as the B’s Program representative for several years. She was
Charity Quilt co-chairman for this year’s Showcase. She was always ready to welcome new
members to the B’s and help them feel part of the group.

Jeannette enjoyed many forms of needlework. She made quilts for all her kids and grandkids, her
nieces and nephews, her mother, her doctors, and her friends’ childrens’ weddings. She loved her
embroidery machine and incorporated many of the products into her quilts. She also was a
member of the hand appliqué group that meets at Chula.

Jeannette was like a cat with nine lives. She survived pancreatitis, two broken wrists, a broken
leg, several urinary tract infections, and the death of Dick, her husband. We were all praying she
still had a couple of those lives left. She will be missed immensely