FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

FAQWe welcome any resident of The Villages to join our Quilting Guild of The Villages.

How Do I join the Guild?
  • Visit one of the Guild’s chapters. Click Chapter List to locate a chapter that interests you.
  • Attend a meeting at the chapter.
  • Ask the Membership Manager to register you into the Guild and to that chapter.
When Does the Guild Meet?
  • See the Chapter List to see what day and time chapters meet but generally Mondays and Tuesdays.
What is the difference between the Guild and a chapter?
  • The Guild is made up of multiple chapters – 26 as of the latest count.
  • You must pay membership dues to the Guild AND you must pay membership dues to the chapter.
  • The Guild annual dues are $15. Chapter dues vary – you can see the dues amount on the Chapter List.
When are large events?
  • Marketplace – here you can shop until your heart’s desire. See details on the Home page.
  • Showcase – Quilt show sponsored by the Guild and held every other year. See details on the Home page.

If you couldn’t find what you were looking for, go to Contact Us  and submit a question.